“Marita is an amazing instructor.  I started practising yoga in 2007 and haven’t had a teacher like her – professional, calm, knowledgeable, nurturing and non-intrusive.”
– Jarnah Miller

“Marita, I cannot thank you enough for encouraging me to do your yoga teacher training course. I went into it hoping to deepen my yoga practice but it’s done a lot more than that. It’s given me the tools to live my life with compassion and gratitude.”
– Amanda Truong

“Marita is my favourite yoga teacher ever. There is something about her style, warmth and tone of voice that creates a sense of safety and ease.”
– Jacqui Watts

IMG_4641-2“I have been active my whole life, playing soccer, running, golf; really anything and even doing the odd triathlon. So when I came to yoga, I thought I was fit and relatively strong. Back pain after a 7’s soccer tournament convinced me to try a different type of fitness: yoga. I was hoping that yoga would help manage the pain and improve my overall flexibility and some strength.
To my surprise, private sessions with Marita helped that and with so much more. I have been training with Marita for about six months now. (Let me add that I had the flexibility of a stiff board). Yoga has not only improved my flexibility and strength but also every other aspect of the sports I play. I have regained some speed and agility, I’m stronger, more balanced and stable in playing soccer, my running lighter and strides are longer and even my swimming stroke is longer.
Marita is the perfect guide combining the ability to push hard while making sure that I’m safe, not doing any harm to my old worn out body. I would recommend yoga and Marita for anyone in any sport. It’s made a huge difference.”
– Ethan Nyholm

“Thanks Marita for leading such a wonderful retreat at The Sanctuary, Mission Beach, Queensland.  While I have been doing yoga and meditation for a few years, this retreat taught me so much more than I had ever expected.
I really enjoyed you expertly leading the sessions.  Your comments about the various poses and positions provided me with a better appreciation of the finer points of these.  As a result, this gave me a clearer understanding and the confidence for me to improve my poses.  This all occurred in a safe and very supportive environment.  At all time you were there to help with encouragement and assistance to make my practice even better.  At no time did I feel that I was being left on my own.  From all of this I believe that my practice has significantly improved!
The evening meditation sessions were a good end to the day.  The guided meditations sessions stilled the mind, and again these were also expertly led.”
     – Bruce Martyn