Mentoring for Yoga Teachers

Are you wanting to boost your teaching skills, deepen your knowledge, and build a successful career as a yoga teacher? Marita’s one-on-one mentoring program will support you on the pathway to becoming the most articulate, insightful, skilful and successful yoga teacher you can be.

Whether you’re a recent graduate or you have several years teaching experience, you will benefit immensely from having an experienced mentor light the way as you move forward on your path as a teacher.

The Teacher Shows Yoga Asana To A Group Of People Practicing Yog

The program is open to yoga teachers of all lineages and each mentorship is unique, tailored to support you on your individual teaching journey. Depending on your priorities, these are some of the results you’re likely to see:

  • Clearly defined vision as a yoga teacher
  • Development of your unique teaching voice
  • Increased your understanding of human anatomy
  • Skills and confidence teaching students with injuries
  • Advanced sequencing and class theming skills
  • Ability to cue with clarity and confidence
  • Career goals and a pathway to achieve them
  • Development of workshops, retreats and other offerings
  • Transform yoga teaching from a hobby to a successful career
  • Establishment of an online presence.

How it Works

The Online Mentorship consists of four 30 minute Skype/FaceTime sessions per month, with weekly reflections and OMwork assignments between each session. A monthly video review of your teaching will be included on request.

Prior to the first session, you will be required to complete an online reflection questionnaire, providing information about your goals and priorities so that Marita can provide an individualised program right from the first session.

Hours accumulated through the mentoring program qualify as Continuing Education with Yoga Alliance.

Interested? Email Marita


Your investment is $180 AUD per month, with a minimum three month commitment.

(You can claim this as an education expense when you complete your tax return.)

Terms and Conditions

The questionnaire provided by Marita must be completed and sent to at least 48 hours prior to your first session.

Requests to reschedule must be made at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled session time.

By enrolling in the mentorship program, you are committing to ongoing mentorship for a minimum three (3) month period in order to provide meaningful results.

Payment of $180 per month will be made via PayPal autopay (automatic recurring payments).

After the initial three months, you can end the mentorship at any time with a minimum of seven days’ notice.