About Marita

About Me

As a gymnast from a young age, I realised early on that I’m happiest upside-down, and when I found yoga, it was love at first Downward Dog. Nearly 20 years after that first class I still find peace and joy within each practice.

I began teaching Iyengar-influenced yoga in 2001 after apprenticing with my first teacher. A few years later I discovered vinyasa yoga, and relished the freedom of flowing through movement and connecting with breath. My yoga practice became a moving meditation, and my thirst to discover more about the ancient practice of yoga became even stronger.

Since then, I have immersed myself in the practice, study and business of yoga. I’ve completed around 2000 hours of training and have taught countless classes, at studios, workplaces, and schools. I have run my own studio for almost five years, led workshops and retreats, and over the past few years my primary focus has been guiding the next generation of yoga teachers through teacher training, continuing education and private mentoring. 

“Marita is my favourite yoga teacher ever. There is something about her style, warmth and tone of voice that creates a sense of safety and ease.”
– Jacqui W.

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My Love of Food…

I’m not a trained chef or a nutritionist or a dietician. I’m just a girl who likes food, a lot. I feel happiest when I live sustainably and ethically, and part of that is being vegan.

I believe everyone would benefit from eating more plants, and I know that I’m at my healthiest when the bulk of my diet comes straight from Mother Earth, with as little processing as possible.

That doesn’t mean boring food – anything but. I like my food exploding with flavour, texture and colour. Eating should be a joyful experience, satisfying more than just our physical bodies.

Marita x

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