Yoga Vid! 30-min Vinyasa Flow

Some days, I like to guide myself through a self practice and move intuitively. Other days, I land on my mat and want to be told what to do. Admittedly, a video is never quite as good as going to a real class, but it can be a whole lot more convenient.

Over the years lots of students have told me I should create YouTube videos, and it’s sat on my mental to-do list for a long time. So here’s the first one. It didn’t go without a few technical hitches and I’m not 100% happy with it (by the third take I’d lost a bit of my mojo!) but sometimes done is better than perfect. I’ve learned a lot for future videos!

In future, I have plans for some more specific sequences, and I ‘d love to hear your suggestions. (Nothing poxy like ‘yoga for weight loss’ or ‘yoga for a better bum’, please. Not my jam! Your bum is perfect the way it is.) I’m thinking more along the lines of hip-opening flows, yin for the Liver meridian, yoga to open the heart and so on.

In the meantime, this 30-minute flow is a simple sequence designed to wake you up and connect mind and body.

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